Speaker Introduction

Sander Vinberg is a Threat Research Evangelist for F5 Labs. As the lead researcher on the Application Protection Research Series, he specializes in the evolution of the threat landscape over the long term. He holds a master’s degree in Information Management from the University of Washington, as well as bachelor’s degrees in History and African and African-American Studies from the University of Chicago.


Talk Abstract

F5 Labs, one of F5 Networks’ information security research teams, publishes the Application Protection Research Series to help bridge the growing divide between tactics and strategy in information security. In this session, we will share findings from the 2021 Application Protection Report, which covers the explosion of ransomware in 2021, the continuing evolution of formjacking attacks such as Magecart, API security, and cloud misconfigurations, among others. We will wrap up by recommending mitigations for the most frequently-observed attack vectors, as well as some strategic insights on the direction of information security as a whole.