Speaker Introduction

Prashant has a Bachelors and Masters in IT from India and 14 years of Canadian IT experience in various industry verticals. He works as a Senior Cyber Security Advisor for a Fortune 500. He calls himself a geek with a purpose and likes to support the budding talent, share his experience and continue to progress the Cyber Security discipline. He considers himself a problem solver to solve interesting IT problems not just Cyber Security. He likes to play chess, hike and camp in the mountains alone and ponder over the purpose of life and nature.


Talk Abstract

The talk is about the fairly recent cyber-attack (May, 2021) on Colonial Pipelines in USA which shutdown 45% of fuel supply in Eastern US and led to pump station shutdowns, hoarding of gas and other major impacts to society. We will delve into the Kipling’s 6 honest serving men (who, what, when, where, how and why) and lessons learnt from this unique Cyber Attack on Critical Infrastructure in North America. How this cyber-attack led to  important regulatory changes and renewed focus on ramping us defenses in  Critical Infrastructure with a focus on Pipeline Industry will be shared. Role of White House, Congress, CISA, FBI and DHS will be shared as part of the ongoing efforts to induce basic cyber hygiene in North America’s Critical Infrastructure sector.