Jason Maynard


  Speaker Introduction

Jason Maynard has been architecting, designing, and deploying security technologies that secure the most complex computing environments for almost 20 Years.
His understanding of technologies, people, and process enable him to deliver effective, comprehensive security solutions that align to an organizations security goals and strategic imperatives. Jason is adept at addressing a range of risk profiles across industry verticals; skills he has cultivated as an end-user security practitioner, integrator, and now manufacturer as Senior Technical Solutions Architect, Cybersecurity for Cisco Systems. Jason is also active in the direct community speaking at BC Aware, Privacy and Security Conference, and has delivered multiple sessions at BSides. Jason also holds over 75+ designations across a variety of products and technologies including the CCIE designation.

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Talk Abstract

Clouds, Clouds - everywhere there are Clouds! Built-in cloud based controls only go so far and tend to lack capabilities. With multi-cloud deployments, these technologies become fragmented and add an extra layer of complexity. In this 45 minute action packed session, we will discuss security capabilities and how to systematically determine the right controls to secure the cloud environment while enabling you to stretch these capabilities across a multi-cloud, on-premise, and SaaS based environments reducing the complexity.