HSpeaSpeaker Introduction

Henri St. Louis, CISSP, GCFE, OPST, PCIP, is a cyber security professional with over 30 years of IT experience in focusing on IT Security.  Clients include a wide range of industries that consist of companies in the Oil & Gas, Energy, Pipeline and Provincial and Federal Governments including the Canadian and US military. Henri is currently on contract to Enfocom International helping them build and delivery cyber range services.


    Talk Abstract


Journey Towards A Cyber Range

This presentation is about the planned design, research and solutions which are achieved through using a cyber range.


Beginning in 2014, I saw the need to perform Blue and Red Team activities, which involve training, testing and development within an environment which we could easily organize, activate, utilize and tear down with ease. Over the last three months of dedicated research, identification and discussion with vendors I saw an opportunity to join Enfocom and bring this development forward.


Organizations need a lab/test/development environment that can perform a variety of activities including individual/team training of different aspects of IT (software development, infrastructure, security especially incident response), introduction of new technology through proof-of-concept testing.


This journey is presented to help the audience gain insight of the usefulness of a Cyber Range to any organization that wants to improve their security and IT environment.