Donovan Tindill

Speaker Introduction

Donovan Tindill is an ICS (industrial control systems) / OT (operations technology) cybersecurity subject matter expert with the Honeywell Industrial Cybersecurity team. He spent over 17 years customer-facing as a control systems cybersecurity consultant in Canada, training/mentoring the technical team and leading major projects across Consulting Services. Donovan supports global industrial cybersecurity by volunteering to teach, contributing to cybersecurity standards, supporting industry conferences, and frequent thought-leadership speaker. He is a former ISA-99/IEC-62443 trainer, working group co-chair, and contributor. Donovan is an advisor to both the United States and Canadian government control systems cybersecurity conferences (i.e., US DHS CISA ICSJWG Vice-Chair and Public Safety Canada ICS Symposium Vendor Seat) helping select speakers, drive awareness, and increase knowledge in North America. Donovan has an applied Bachelors Degree in Network Engineering & Management from the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT) and holds CISSP and GICSP certifications.


     Talk Abstract 

Cybersecurity professionals are working hard to protect sensitive and confidential information, as well as the availability of IT systems. But there is a growing surge of physical devices (e.g., thermostats, automobiles, medical devices, traffic control, electrical grids, buildings) with increased connectivity capabilities to company networks and the Internet. For decades they were isolated or not connected, but now they can benefit from analytics/AI/ML/Cloud to run better than before. In this presentation we will explain this growing area of operations technology (OT) (aka., industrial automation & control systems, ICS), the threat landscape, unique challenges you will encounter, and the exciting growth within the OT/ICS cybersecurity segment.